Performance Analysis
Energy management planning and expert analysis identifying how energy and water utilities are used & wasted, are now considered essential for all businesses trying to stop escalating utility costs from consuming profits.
Our government accredited assessors are experts at benchmarking building perform- ance & indentifying cost effective savings opportunities for commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-residential buildings.

  • Energy Management Plans
  • NABERS for offices, hotels & retail
  • Energy Audits to AS3598:2000
  • BEEC for Mandatory Disclosure
Savings Optimisation
New government efficiency funding and abatement programs, more competition within energy markets & reverse tariff auctions, offer multiple opportunities for landlords and tenants to reduce energy, water and maintenance costs.
We help you evaluate, fund and deliver cost saving energy efficiency, waste reduction and supplier tariff optimisation opportunities for your building or tenancy.

  • Improvement projects delivery
  • Government funding applications
  • Energy abatement refunds
  • Utility tariff & billing analyses
Metrics Visualisation
Are you struggling to keep up with collecting and auditing your building performance and carbon footprint for increasing regulatory and corporate sustainability reporting obligations?
Elemetrics delivers independent auditing of energy efficiency, carbon footprint and cost metrics from disparate systems for single properties up to entire portfolios.

  • Independent regulatory auditing
  • Stakeholder target monitoring
  • Corporate sustainability reporting
  • Green Lease efficiency tracking
  • Carbon emissions accounting

Programs Overview

Efficiency Detectives

Elemetrics is committed to making cost effective energy savings a reality through development of transparent programs and partnerships that overcome barriers and promote new approaches to energy and water efficiency in the built environment.

Today's buildings can be a complex mix of sophisticated control systems and legacy equipment where even small problems have big impacts on operating costs. We are experts at identifying and eliminating technical issues, and unifying stakeholders to achieve forecast cost savings targets.


Analyse, Optimise and Visualise programs are tailored to your specific building and business processes, and can be actioned individually or in combination to produce measurable cost savings.

Used in combination they can deliver a regenerated property asset with significantly reduced operating costs that attracts higher rents, better tenants, lower vacancies and improved regulatory compliance.

We will dedicate ourselves to help you develop and implement a cost effective sustainability program to optimise the environmental performance of your building assets......our reputation depends on it !

For more information about how to get started or improve your current building sustainability program, call us today on (02) 8012-1620 or complete our online form and we will be in touch with you directly.

Our team expertise covers all major energy and water technologies used in the built environment; from air-conditioning, lighting and building automation systems, heat and water recovery to on-site energy generation.

We can address most efficiency and waste identification, evaluation and improvement programs for commercial, institutional, industrial and multi-residential buildings up to entire property portfolios.

  • BMS/BAS tuning
  • HVAC reviews and upgrades
  • Building services recomissioning
  • Lighting refits and delamping
  • Solar control window films
  • Waterless cooling towers
  • UV-C purification systems
  • Variable speed drives
  • Power factor correction
  • Peak tariff demand limiting
  • Web-based metering systems
  • Solar generation installations
  • Co- and tri-generation plants