24/7 Online Support
Elemetrics uses leading web-based collaboration tools to continuously engage and support sustainability program stakeholders with analysis, efficiency and improvement feedback.
Our simple-to-use collaboration tools are making it profoundly easier for building owners, managers, occupants, suppliers and consultants to engage in meaningful dialogue and achieve the maximum possible cost efficiency outcomes.

Program users can record, discuss and track assigned projects and tasks from almost anywhere in the world:-

  • Efficiency target monitoring
  • Improvement project tracking
  • Task assignments and deadlines
  • Project discussion boards
  • Centralised communications
  • Email and SMS notifications
We are so impressed with improvements in stakeholder communications and program results achieved, we offer a dedicated collaboration web-portal to every client with FREE unlimited user access.

Being web-based means you don't have to install or download any software to access your data via standard PC, MAC, iPhone and most smart phone web-browsers.

We use state-of-the-art dedicated data centres with full redundancy for all major systems, protected by biometric locks, 24-hour surveillance, enterprise class firewall's and SSL-encryption to keep your sustainability data safe.

Special Support Programs
Few businesses can afford to have full-time sustainability and energy management professionals to develop and operate sustainability strategies and efficiency programs. Consequently, many opportunities to combat rising costs simply go out the window.
We understand property and have developed our range of specialist advisory and support programs to help SME's and managed property owners, to simultaneously improve investment returns, operating cost efficiency and sustainability performance.
  • Sustainability program management
  • Performance improvement strategies
  • Building performance management
  • Operational and occupant workshops
  • Performance assessment streamlining
  • Corporate and regulatory reporting
  • Government grant & rebate applications
  • Sustainability change management

Only Individual Customer Support

Elemetrics uses a combination of knowledge and technology to tailor unique solutions to meet each clients infrastructure and business requirements. We are able to draw on a wide range of disciplines and technology partners to help property owners achieve higher performing assets.
Individual support programs range from in-house training to delivering turn-key efficiency projects, including developing change strategies, supplying on-call energy specialists, developing technical specifications and managing or assisting efficiency project tenders and commissioning validation.

Our support methodology :

  • Dedicated client contact
  • Web-based collaboration portal
  • Total support process transparency
  • Independent non-biased partnership
However, to develop the best solutions we need to understand your business, so we can tailor our recommendations to fit within your long-term strategic plans, business culture and daily functions.

There is no cost or obligation to you for an initial meeting to explore the potential for cost savings as a result of a support partnership with us. Call Elemetrics today on (02) 8012-1620 to arrange a meeting.